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We’ve always loved desserts. The excitement of going somewhere after dinner, after a movie, or relaxing with friends over an exceptional dessert was the beginning of the creation of The Chocolate Room concept. We created a place we would like to come to ourselves; a refuge from the increasingly chaotic world we live in. It is a place where people can relax and feel comfortable; a place where guests can enjoy incredibly delicious chocolate, award-winning desserts, ice cream, coffee, wine, and good company. We have a passion for people. We enjoy seeing people happy.


Working together respectfully is the essence of our philosophy: that means each and every person is valued for their contribution to meeting the highest standards for the success of The Chocolate Room experience. Ensuring standards for every component of the


operation are met by each individual and creating a continuously welcoming atmosphere are absolutely essential as we work together to fulfill the mission daily. Our job is to take care of each other and our guests. Every individual in the shop should feel welcomed, respected, and taken care of—always.


• To provide an outstanding experience for customers that makes the enjoyment of desserts comfortable and highly satisfying.

• To treat each and every individual, both employee and customer with genuine respect, compassion, and kindness.

• To have a positive impact on our immediate staff, our local and distant community.