Our original line of confections has been created with a genuine love for chocolate. Perfectly baked golden Macaroons are half chocolate dipped and are creamy, sweet and nutty. Our Chocolate Caramel Popcorn is a favorite snack made with all natural popcorn, coated in caramel and drizzled with Dark Belgian chocolate. Milk Chocolate Almond Clusters are made with 38% milk chocolate blanketing roasted almonds and crunchy sweet feuilletine (crispy, nutty praline flakes). All-natural Pretzel Rods are dipped in milk or dark chocolate—nice and simple. TCR’s newest creations include Cookie Chip Chocolates which are an inside out chocolate chip cookie, and Rocky Road Bars, which are made using house-made marshmallows, roasted peanuts, and covered in dark Belgian chocolate.

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**BROWNIE SUNDAE** A warm, fresh brownie with your choice of homemade ice cream, hot fudge, and fresh whipped cream. Topped with a fresh cherry (seasonal), or a brandied cherry. *Suggested pairings: Desiree Chocolate Port, Chocolate Amore, Chocolate Stout.* 10
**CHOCOLATE ROOM PUDDING** A classic favorite made with semi-sweet chocolate and topped with fresh whipped cream. *Suggested pairings: Lodge Reserve Ruby Port, Reds, Chocolate Stout.* 6.5
**BLACK BOTTOM BUTTERSCOTCH** A layer of bittersweet chocolate lies beneath creamy butterscotch custard, topped with fresh coconut whipped cream, and a chocolate wafer. *Suggested pairing: Madeira, Graham’s 20 Year Tawny Port.* 9
**CHOCOLATE MOUSSE** Milk Chocolate mousse, caramel, hazelnut crunch, and flourless chocolate cake.  *20 Year Tawny Port* 10
**BANANA SPLIT** A bruleed banana, homemade vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, hot fudge, caramel, and strawberry sauce. Top it off with fresh whipped cream and a fresh cherry (seasonal), or a brandied cherry. *Suggested pairing: Cava Cocktail: Raspberry or Strawberry.* 14
**THE CHOCOLATE LAYER CAKE** "A luscious and perfect three-layer blackout cake." – O Magazine. *Suggested pairing: Framboise, Sweet Monastrell, Malbec.* 8
**FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE** Rich and decadent. Served with our raspberry framboise sauce, and topped with fresh whipped cream. *Suggested pairings: Sweet Monastrell, 84 LBV, Malbec.* 9.5
**CHOCOLATE CHIP ALMOND CAKE** Glazed in dark chocolate. Served warm with our caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. *Suggested pairings: Colheita Single Year Tawny Port, Graham’s 20 Year Tawny Port, Cream PX.* 10
**RICOTTA CHEESECAKE** Served on a chocolate graham cracker crust with a fresh berry compote. 8
We make our ice cream, sorbet and sauces by hand, in small batches using only the finest, all-natural ingredients. Flavors: *Madagascar Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, Fresh Mint Chip, Sumatran Coffee, Fresh Strawberry, Fresh Banana, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Sorbet, Passion Fruit Sorbet, Raspberry Sorbet, Coconut Sorbet.*
Child 3
Single 5
Double 7
Pint 9
Roasted Mexican cocoa nibs 2
Fresh whipped cream 0.75
Fresh coconut whipped cream 1
Walnuts 1
Peanuts 1
Banana 0.75
Fresh Strawberries 1.5
Hot fudge 1
Caramel 1
Fresh strawberry 1
Chocolate syrup 1
Raspberry framboise 1.75
**MILKSHAKE** Your choice of two scoops of our homemade ice cream, blended to perfection with whole milk. 8
**CHOCOLATE EGG CREAM** A New York original made with our homemade chocolate syrup, milk and seltzer. Sweet and fizzy! 5
**CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM SODA** Your choice of ice cream with our homemade chocolate syrup, seltzer and fresh whipped cream. 7.5
**HOT CHOCOLATE FLOAT** Our dark hot chocolate with your choice of ice cream. 7
**ROOT BEER FLOAT** Boylan’s Root Beer and our vanilla ice cream combine to make this all time favorite. 8
**BLACK CHOCOLATE STOUT FLOAT** Our original beer float with Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout and our vanilla ice cream. Or try a scoop with one of our seasonal chocolate stouts (prices will vary). 13
**CLASSIC HOT CHOCOLATE** A perfect blend of 38% milk chocolate infused with Madagascar Vanilla. Blended to order. 5.5
**DARK HOT CHOCOLATE** Bittersweet Belgian chocolate blended with Valrhona cocoa powder and whole milk. 5.5
**SPICED DARK HOT CHOCOLATE** (seasonal) Our Dark Hot Chocolate with Ancho and Chipotle chillis, cinnamon and cloves. 5.5
**CAFÉ TORINO** A cup of Dark Hot Chocolate and a shot of espresso topped with a dollop of foam. Our twist on an Italian favorite. 5.5
**NOT HOT** (seasonal) A frozen version of our Classic or Dark Hot Chocolates blended with ice, and topped with fresh whipped cream. 8
**CHOCOLATE MILK** Our homemade chocolate syrup and milk. 3.5
**MOCHACCINO OR MOCHALATTE** Our homemade chocolate syrup, espresso and steamed milk. 4.5/5
**HOMEMADE CARAMEL LATTE** Our homemade caramel sauce, espresso and steamed milk. 5
**CHAI LATTE** Harney and Son’s chai tea with steamed milk. 5
**AFFAGATO** A single scoop of vanilla ice cream and espresso. 8
*All espresso drinks available on ice for an additional 0.75.*
We serve Brooklyn Roasting Company’s Fair Trade Certified, Organic, and locally roasted beans.
**FRESH BREWED COFFEE** *regular or decaf* 3
**ESPRESSO** 2.75
**LATTE** 4
**COLD BREW ICE COFFEE** (seasonal) 3.5
*All espresso drinks available on ice for an additional 0.75.*
**TEA** Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Organic Green, 3
**CAFFEINE FREE** Peppermint, Raspberry 3
**SPECIALTY TEA** Chocolate, Chocolate Mint 3.5
**ICED TEA** (seasonal) 3
**SOY MILK** or **ALMOND MILK** 0.75
**ZINFANDEL, REDS** Tierra Divina, 2009, California. “A wine for the People.” Zinfandel, carignane, and petite syrah, dark and spicy. Glass/Bottle 8,30
**MALBEC** 8,30
**REISLING** Zum, 2013, Germany. Light and sweet with notes of lime, apple and honey. Glass/Bottle 9,32
**CAVA!** Casas Del Mar, Spain. Hints of apples, apricots, with a clean citrus finish. Glass/Bottle 8,30
**CAVA COCKTAIL**, Casas Del Mar, Spain. Cava blended with your choice of our fresh strawberry or raspberry sauce. Deliciously refreshing and fruity. 9
**MOSCATO**, Italy. Semi sparkling, sweet with aromas of tropical fruit, and honeysuckle. 8,32
**BLACK CHOCOLATE STOUT**, Brooklyn Brewery 6.5
**BROOKLYN LAGER**, Brooklyn Brewery 5
*Ask your server about our seasonal beers.*
**CREAM PX**, Toro Albala, Spain. 10-year-old oloroso and old don PX gran reserve. A complex, refined and balanced, sweet sherry. 8
**FRAMBOISE**, Pacific Rim, California. Sensual raspberry aromas, so sweet and delicious, you might lick the glass clean. 9
**SWEET MONASTRELL**, Casta Diva, Spain. Old vine monastrell with syrah and cabernet. Dark berry and plum with a hint of smoke on the finish. 12
**CHOCOLATE AMORE**, Trentadue, California. Port style merlot, deliciously chocolate. 12
**DESIREE CHOCOLATE PORT**, Rosenblum, California. A chocolate lover’s dessert wine. 12
**LODGE RESERVE**, Taylor Fladgate, Portugal. Ruby port, smooth and fruity. 7
**LBV**, Taylor Fladgate, Portugal. A soft and slick late harvest ruby port. 9
**20 YEAR TAWNY**, Taylor Fladgate, Portugal. Oxidized with barrel influence and 20 years of love, a rich, nutty, woodsy flavor. 15
*Ask your server about specials. All wines available by the bottle.*
**THE CHOCOLATE LAYER CAKE** “A luscious and perfect three-layer blackout cake.” — O Magazine, February 2007.
6” round (serves 4-8) 48
9” round (serves 14-20) 68
9”x12” sheet (serves 25-35) 80
12”x17” sheet (serves 45-55) 130
*White chocolate butter cream available for an additional $5*
**CHOCOLATE CHIP ALMOND CAKE** Single layer cake with our chocolate glaze. 8” round (serves 8-12). 45
**THE FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE** 8” round (serves 8-12). *Available sugarfree sweetened with agave for an additional $5.* 38
**CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE** 9” round (serves 14-20). 60
**RICOTTA CHEESE CAKE with CHOCOLATE CRUST** 9” round (serves 14-20). 45
**THE ICE CREAM CAKE** Chocolate/Vanilla with a layer of brownie in between. 8” round (serves 8-12). 48
**General:** All orders for next day pick up must be placed by 4pm. Sheet, almond, flourless, mousse and cheese cakes require 72 hours. Wedding cakes and cupcake tiers are available by appointment. All special order cake prices include a personalized message. All Ice Cream Cakes require one week notice.
**Cancellation Policy:** There is a 50% charge for cancellations made within 24 hours of pick up for round layer cakes and all baked goods. Cancellations of sheet, flourless, almond, and cheese cakes incur a 100% charge.
*Prices are subject to change without notice.*
Chocolate Cupcake 3.5
Vanilla Cupcakes 3.5
Mini Chocolate or Vanilla Cupcakes 1.5
Chocolate Chip Cookie 1.75
Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Sea Salt Cookie 1.75
Chocolate Pecan Square (seasonal) 3
Cake Top Pops 3
Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroon 2.5
Chocolate Stout Gingerbread (seasonal) S 8 / L 12
**BROWNIES** 3.5
Brownie Bites 6
**CHOCOLATE PECAN PIE** (seasonal) 32
Hot Fudge 8oz 9 / 16oz 14
Fresh Raspberry Framboise, 8oz 10
Fresh Strawberry, 8oz 10
Chocolate Syrup 12oz 9

Call us to customize your own Party Platter with an assortment of our baked goods.

Cookie Chip Chocolate 2
Peanut Butter Cup 2
Chocolate Dipped Pretzel 1.75
Bittersweet Caramel Pecan Turtle 2
Milk Chocolate Almond Cluster 2
Chocolate - Covered Almonds 6
Chocolate Caramel Popcorn S 3 / L 4.5
**CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES** Choose dark, milk, or white chocolate. Minimum order one dozen per type of chocolate. MP
**THE CHOCOLATE ROOM'S HANDMADE CONFECTIONS** Our confections are available for wedding favors by custom order.

There's always room for chocolate.


May 15, 2018

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