Ice Cream Time!

Delicious Brownie Sundae

It’s June! And for us that means shifting from our divine hot chocolates to our delectable sundaes, shakes, affogatos, and scoops! Well, actually our chocoholic guests enjoy all of our products year round, but the scoops get a little more attention in the warmer months. We’re typically known for our intensely delicious cakes, brownies, chocolate confections and hot chocolates, but if you haven’t tried our ice cream, you should!

We love chocolate and desserts, and ice cream is a key element in our dessert menu. Our signature chocolate layer cake is extraordinary, but add a scoop of our creamy coffee ice cream to it, and you’re in for a moment of extravagance! All of our ice creams are made the old fashioned way, cooked slowly, then allowed to set overnight to allow for the best flavors to come forth, and always with whole, natural ingredients. All of our ice creams have just a few items, cream, Madagascar vanilla bean, the featured ingredient  and a touch of sugar. We do not use any stabilizers, or additives.

When we opened in 2005,  we searched for and bought a used ice cream maker. It churns 10 quarts, and takes about 10-12 minutes to freeze. After 19 years of churning ice cream, we still feel excitement when we taste a new batch. There have been many ups and downs in our journey. In our earliest days, we couldn’t figure out why our ice cream wasn’t coming out of the machine. Our chefs would have to use gloved hands to dig at the ice cream to pull it out. After many months, we discovered the wires weren’t connected properly, so the machine was pulling the product inwards instead of outwards. Like all small businesses adventures, we learn as we go. We took the risk to make our own ice creams having known very little about the process, and discovered on the way.

We celebrate the beauty of flavors daily! We believe in allowing the feature flavors to shine, and do our best not to interfere. We have 11 flavors. Madagascar Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, Strawberry, Sumatran Coffee, Fresh Banana, Cookies and Cream, Fresh Mint Chip, Dulce de Leche,Chocolate Chip, and always a monthly featured flavor. This month, we’re bringing back a fan favorite of Lemon Buttermilk. We also offer dairy free Chocolate or Coconut Sorbet. Our Chocolate Sorbet is serious, a delight for anyone who tries it. Whenever possible we create, and elevate the experience. Our Cookies and Cream have homemade chocolate cookies, our mint chip ice cream has fresh mint leaves, our strawberry ice cream features whole strawberries, and we use Dandelion’s 72% Ugandan chocolate in our chocolate chip. And when there was a shortage of vanilla beans, and the cost per bean jumped 5x, we still bought them because it makes a difference.

Ice cream is one of life’s simple pleasures, and we know it! We’ve spoiled Brooklynite’s with our creamy, fresh, all natural, elegant flavors, and we’re proud of it! Cup or cone, and covered with our homemade hot fudge, we’re pretty sure you’ll come back for more!

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