Spring has sprung and our Not Hot is back!

Spring has sprung and our Not Hot is back!
The Not Hot is TCR's unique version of frozen hot chocolate. Our Not Hot was created after extensive research and taste-testing a few years after we opened our Cobble Hill shop. We wanted our version to be sophisticated, not too sweet, and portioned just right. Jon came up with its witty name—Not Hot, short for not hot chocolate.

We started with a double-strength brew of our Classic Hot Chocolate because we were adding ice to it, and then experimented with the chocolate, milk, cream, and sugar ratios until we felt it was just the right blend of cold, silky chocolateness, then topped it with fresh whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Next we created Dark Not Hot which is very popular for our dark chocolate lovers. Classic Not Hot is made with 34% Belgian dark chocolate, while Dark Not Hot is made with 60% Belgian dark chocolate.

From the moment we introduced it, the Not Hot became an instant summer favorite. We have guests that come by daily, sometimes even twice a day for their Not Hot fix! We've had a customer buy two on Sunday (when we used to be closed on Mondays), so she wouldn't miss her Monday Not Hot!  Most of our customers drink it as we make it, but some love an added espresso shot for the kick of mocha flavor. Either way, it's a fun, deliciously refreshing drink that we're happy to bring back for the warmer months, starting now, at the end of April. Stop by and give it a try!

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